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Our Church Pictures, Videos and Leadership.

Rev. Dr. Edward Kavimba Lungu PhD
Rev. Dr. Edward Kavimba Lungu PhDPastor of Grace Bible Reformed
Ordained minister of the word and sacraments. First pastor of Msanga Reformed Church in Zambia. Born gain 1982. Graduate of Justo Mwale University; Kuyper College; Calvin Seminary; Cincinnati Christian University; Trinity college of the Bible and Theological Seminary. He is full time CoreCivic chaplain at CAFCC in Florence Arizona USA. He loves the Lord and family. He is married to Rebecca Laurin M Lungu. Both have seven children together. Pastor Lungu has PhD in theology and with Systematic Theology as his major. Visit the church on Sunday and say Hello to him.
Rebecca Laurin M. Lungu
Rebecca Laurin M. LunguWomens
As pastor's wife Rebecca is ready to work on encouraging women to worship the Lord Jesus Christ. She usually takes back seat as she helps the pastor get organized for Sunday service.
A.D O'Neal
A.D O'NealAssistant Pastor of Grace Bible Reformed
Pastor A.D O Neal has faith as a mustard seed. He walks with the Lord and has the gift of preaching, praying and helping people know Jesu Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives. He has no Southern accent but Jesus like accent. A.D O Neal is married with kids.
Noah Robert Kavimba Lungu
Noah Robert Kavimba LunguYouth
Noah Robert Kavimba Lungu known as NRKL is new tall young man in the family. Right now, he wants to take advantage of his height and see if he can play Basketball professionally. He is good at it. But if this path is closed there is another path like daddy, be in the ministry as YOUTH Pastor. He loves the Lord Jesus Christ and ready to help other youth follow the Lord.

Christ Revival in Florence Arizona 2024

Christ Revival
Now Christ Revival is coming and get ready. Grace Bible Reformed Church is leading the campaign for Christ Revival in 2024, starting here in Florence Arizona. Please join us in prayer and fasting right now. Pastor Edward Kavimba Lungu is the main speaker.

Message for you, Join us.

It is now the time to come together and worship the Lord God Almighty. Join us for one or even two Sundays. Maybe the Lord has called you to worship together with us and help this local church grow both in number and in the Spirit.

Let us know or send us a text if you need to know more about the church. It is by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ that we are saved. And we know this through the Bible which is the inspired word of God. Yes we stand with those that came before us, the reformers and millions of faithful ones in proclaiming that Christ is LORD.

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