Grace Bible Reformed Church

Forward with Jesus Christ

Grace Bible Reformed Church is here to proclaim Jesus Christ to you in this time of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and in all times. so that people may know Jesus Christ and then proclaim him to others. Great commission Matthew 28:16-20.

For we believe that it is by the grace of God we are saved through faith in Jesus Christ. For it is not from ourselves, it is the gift of God. Not by works so that no man can boast. Thus the letter G

And it is his written Spirit Inspired Word found only in Holy Bible that we use to Proclaim Christ. Thus the letter B

It is the reformed doctrine as a whole that give us reformed identity in our mission and purpose. Thus the letter R

And it is indeed the church called out off this world to proclaim the truth of God through His Son Jesus Christ. Letter C

Yes we Grace Bible Bible reformed Church (GBRC) are here for Jesus and you.