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Proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ to all

Grace Bible Reformed Church vision, mission and beliefs


Grace Bible Reformed Church vision is to proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ in the world especially in Oasis at Magic Ranch, Florence and the rest of the state of Arizona  in USA.


Grace Bible Reformed Church mission is to proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ through teaching and preaching the word of God and administering sacraments (Baptism and Lord's Super). Grace Bible Reformed Church will also proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ through theological studies with Grace Bible Reformed University

GBRC Beliefs What we believe is core to who we are-here are some summaries taken from some reformed churches confessions and beliefs that believe as Grace Bible Reformed Church believes and teaches;

Doctrinal Position

The Supreme standard for belief and practice is the Holy Bible, received as the inspired and inerrant Word of God. In common with all historic Presbyterian and Reformed churches, creeds and confessions are held to be a systematic and accurate summary of the teaching of Scripture though these confessions are not scriptures. 

Grace Bible Reformed Church theology is apostolic, Protestant, Reformed (or Calvinistic) and evangelical. There is a desire to maintain in its depth and purity the Christian faith handed down from the beginning. The basic principles of the church are not different from those held by many other churches. Such distinctives as there are lie in the application and implementation of these truths.

In particular, Grace Bible  Reformed Church gives prominence to the kingship of Christ. This has implications for human life in all its spheres. Areas which have received special attention are worship and politics. The worship of the King must be governed in every detail by what he has required in his Word. The nation is under obligation, once admitted but now repudiated, to recognize Christ as her king and to govern all her affairs in accordance with his will. Words from Colossians 1:18 express the core of Covenanting theology: ‘that in everything he (Christ) might have the supremacy’.


Grace Bible Reformed Church believes salvation from sin, death and the devil and all its demons is the Grace of God in the Lord Jesus Christ alone by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Membership, Government & Ministry

The terms of membership require acceptance of the Scriptures as the Word of God and the only infallible rule of faith and practice, a profession of personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and promises of a teachable attitude towards the doctrines of the church and a sincere endeavor to live a consistent Christian life. Communicant (or full) members are baptized persons who satisfy the Session as to their commitment to these vows. The children of such members, though not yet admitted to full privileges, are also members of the congregation. 

The name ‘Presbyterian’ comes from the Greek word for ‘elder’, so each congregation is governed by the Session, a group of ruling elders. These are men, chosen by the people and with no distinction of rank. Each Session sends delegates to the regular meetings of Presbytery, a higher court of the church. Presbyteries, in turn, meet together in a general gathering, or Synod.

The minister of the congregation is one of the elders, of equal rank with his colleagues, though serving as chairman, or Moderator, of Session. In addition to ruling, he has the responsibility of preaching the Word. Ministers are trained, usually after graduation from university, at Grace Bible Reformed University, located at Christ the Victor, 6173 E. Arizona Farms Road, Florence AZ85132 since 2017. Those who successfully complete the three-year course are awarded a Diploma in Theology.

The only two sacraments instituted by Christ are baptism and the Lord’s supper. Baptism is given to unbaptized adults who profess faith in Christ. It is also administered to the children of believers, who are recognized as included in God’s covenant of grace, of which baptism is a sign and seal. The sacrament is performed with water, which may properly be administered by immersion, pouring or, preferably, sprinkling. 

The frequency of observance of the Lord’s supper is decided by each Session, present practice ranging from two to four times a year. In addition to members of the church, believers from other denominations are welcomed to the table, provided that their Christian testimony and practice are known to the elders.

Since Christ is Lord over all of life, the daily work of every believer is a vital part of Christian service, to be carried out to the Savior's glory. The covenant family is regarded as a church in miniature and parents promise to hold regular family worship in the home and to pay conscientious attention to the spiritual training of their children. The Lord’s Day is a special blessing, given for rest and worship, apart from duties of necessity and mercy.
Like most historic reformed churches, worship centers on the reading and preaching of the Bible, with the response of the people to God in praises, prayer and giving.
The primary responsibility of the church to the community is that of evangelism and each local congregation is a center from which the gospel is communicated to the surrounding neighborhood. .

Relations with Other Churches

Grace Bible reformed Church will continue building relationships with churches in the community starting from Oasis at Magic Ranch, Florence, Queen Creek, Mesa and the rest of the cities in the state of Arizona in America.

Our creeds and confessions

1. Larger Catechism

2. Shorter Catechism

3. Westminster confession faith

 And these which were written in the first few centuries after Jesus' death:

4. The Apostles' Creeds

5. The Nice Creed

6. The Athanasian Creed

In addition, four "standards of unity" tell what the Reformed Church believes:

7. The Heidelberg Catechism

8. The Belgic Confession

9. The Canons of Dort

10. The Confession of Belhar








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