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Marriage and divorce abbreviated as (madi) is necessary study Christian teaching for all people of all ethnicity, race, color, age, and nationality.

Marriage and divorce discussion is held every Third Sunday of the month at 6173 East Arizona farms road Florence AZ85132.

Marriage and divorce discussion is a one and half hour long starting at 4pm

All participants may sign up on the church site for free.

The format of the teaching is a public discussion headed by the leader

Pastor of the church will give summary of the discussion at the end

Though this is a discussion it is still church service therefore we might sing songs and even ask for prayers at the end of the teaching.

See you there by the grace of God.

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Grace Bible Reformed Church Service

176Our Service Starts at 5:30PM every Sunday of the month. Some of our servces are televised on youtube and facebook.

Our Grace Bible Reformed University classes start at 3:30pm to 5pm every first, Second and Third Sunday of the month. If you would like to study with the school visit for more details.

Edward Kavimba Lungu PhD is the pastor of Grace Bible Reformed Church. Dr. Lungu is an ordained minister of the word and sacraments in the Reformed Church in America as well as Reformed Church in Zambia.

Dr. Lungu teaches and preaches the word of God from the Bible for all people as he nurtures the flock of our Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit.


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